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Diagnostics. what does that mean?

by William J Griffin, Aug 03, 2016

     In today's scope of engine repair, The technology that is involved with the modern day automobile requires more than just your regular mechanic. It requires # key components. Proper equipment, Proper training and Technicians. Not mechanics, Technicians! Today's automotive technician needs so much these days to perform proper repairs. The manufacturers do not want anyone else but their technicians working on their vehicles. So they attempt to monopolize the market by making it to where for certain services you have to got back to the dealer. With the help of several lobbyists and organizations the automakers could not get away with this and were forced to offer access to their technology at a price. This means for us the aftermarket repair facility that more investment needs to be made to ensure repairs on our end. Not many shops will make that investment. This leads to misdiagnosed problems, repairs not performed right and ultimately more cost to the consumer from inexperience and lack of equipment. At Griffin's we invest heavily into equipment knowing that it is what is needed to make sure we are doing our job right. Factory diagnostic equipment, extensive training for our technicians coupled with cutting edge aftermarket tools makes us a cut above the rest. Our technicians are required to take a minimum of 40 hours of training with us. Our focus is the best repair we can provide for you! Whether it is us or another shop do yourself a favor and ask them what type of diagnostic equipment they have and their technician's level of training and certifications. check their online presence and what the customer's opinion is of the shop. It will save you money in the long run and give you piece of mind knowing that you are in the right place.
    We hope you find this helpful. If you ever have any questions feel free to contact us.

Bill and Jennifer Griffin